Ez Pharmacy is especially designed for Pharmacy Retail Shops. The software handles sale and purchase of items using barcode reader or by EZ Pharmacyname/code. Option to sell full pack or tablets. Stock is maintained automatically with each sale/purchase.Sale and Profit reports can be generated any time. The Software also handles shop day to day expenses, supplier ledgers and other receipts and payments.
Detailed Software options are listed below.
Software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

sername & Password for demo version is ADMIN

  • Data Entry
  • Sale Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Cash Book
  • Journal / Bank Book
  • Reports
  • Item List
  • Stock Report
  • Sale Invoices
  • Purchase Summary
  • Ledger
  • Cashbook
  • Journal
  • Item Movement Report
  • Low Stock Report
  • Dead Stock
  • Near Expiry Stock
  • Receivables / Payables
  • A/C Management
  • Add / Edit Accounts
  • Add / Edit Items
  • Prefrences

  • Per PC License
  • Price USD 250
  • Price PKR 25000
  • Training/Installation: Free
  • Connect to Internet: Once per month
  • Free Support: 3 Months


License Type

A/C NO: 0705-0100361631


EASY Paisa Mobile A/c
A/C NO: 0342-0957007-5


U Paisa Mobile A/C
A/C NO: 0333-91180701

Download compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows

Demo Version
Demo Version (with sample data)
20 MB
Demo Version