Though education is not a business but due to the requirement of fast and accurate information, all major schools prefer to use a computerized system for information processing. Manual system is not very much efficient and accurate and it also takes too much time as compared to the automated system.

SMS is a software product used to maintain Student Information and Fee record. It greatly facilitates the clerical work and provides accurate and fast information to the management. Automated Fee Bills generation with updating of student fee record saves time many folds. A record of class wise paid and unpaid students can be generated any time within seconds.

SMS is an OFFLINE desktop application that runs on any version of Microsoft Windows.  However, to keep record of Active/InActive Software copies, the software must be connected to Internet once a month.  All your data stays on your local computer.

Demo Version (with sample data) 14.1 MB
User Manual (Urdu) 36.5 MB


  • Rental License
  • Price USD 90
  • Price PKR 9000
  • One time Registraion: 3000
  • Six Month Rental: 6000
  • Training/Installation: Free
  • License Period: Six Months (1 Server)
  • Connect to Internet: Once per month
  • Free Software Updates : License Period
  • Telephonic Support: License Period


License Type

A/C NO: 0705-0100361631


EASY Paisa Mobile A/c
A/C NO: 0342-0957007-5


U Paisa Mobile A/C
A/C NO: 0333-91180701


Grooming House School, Gulbahar.

Asian Model School, Sethi Town.

Red Rose School, Nishterabad.

Happy-Day School Islamia Road, Cantt.

Edwardes High School, Cantt.

The Learners, Hayatabad.

Mehboob School of Physiotherapy, Hayatabad.


IIUI International Islamic University School Swabi Campus


The Knowledge School.


The Educators, Ghazi Campus.


Rawan Higher Secondary School Kabul

Download compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows

Demo Version
Demo Version (with sample data)
14.1 MB
Demo Version
Demo Version
User Manual (Urdu)
36.5 MB
Demo Version